Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Recent project

Didn't update my blog for two weeks. the first week i was working on my editor, adding load/save scene.  It was nearly finished and i will post progress when i finish it completely. And from the second week until now, i was busy making a game with two friends for the Microsoft Image Cup. Ben and me didn't plan to apply for this until we finally find our artist Gao ying who is one of the artist from the Dare2008 winner team.We got 6 days to finish our first demo and submit.

Plus we are obliged to use XNA for this competition. My friend has his own XNA renderer for Axiom engine. From this beginning we found StillDesign physx wrapper for us to connect XNA with physX engine. We worked hard for the whole week, however there was a networking problem at the end that we failed to upload our game to the website. Now i hope they give us another chance to submit our work. Anyway thanks to Benjamin ,Gao ying and me too, that we get our one week product --nano game. Here are screen shoots of shooting virus inside bloodtube.

Level Design:

Free exporter OgreMax: can export our scene to xml file, and we made the loader to load the blood tube level and cells as we designed in 3D tool.

Physics View to help us checking physics status of our level elements.


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