Sunday, February 15, 2009

.net and tools

After dare i was working on my master project. During this period, i have studied .NET developement from my friend and flatmate Benjamin lassort(You know you are a great man). He also introduced me an excellent dotnet component weifengluo dockpanel, and the way to render 3D content into weifengluo.With the help of this we can surely develop tools looks like visual studio. Many thanks to my friend to lead me to the way of dotnet and tool development.

I did a small tool for my master project,  gesture recognition using the wii remote with a neural network approach. Basiclly, it's about using a wii remote to draw some shape on a black panel,the
neural network algorithm will then calculate and find the matched result, the character output the matched action at the end.
After dissertation submission, i went back to China. Now i am rewriting this tool, changing it to a 3d editor. Here is the screen shot of this two week's work. I managed to add move,
rotate,scale axis,model view.Also it supports multiple scene managers and each scene manager can has multiple render windows for adjusting camera to different positions. There are quite a few problems when dealing with manipulating objects in different scene manager's different render window. But i test a lot on every step before go forward. On some important steps i drew figures on the paper to make a clear plan. Thanks to the patient it works fine now. I will add as many features as possible later. 


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